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We Kicked Off Earth Month with a Bang!

Infinite Zion Farms recently kicked off Earth Month with a bang on April 1 2023, hosting a family friendly event to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.

One of the highlights of the event was a tour of the farm, where visitors were able to see firsthand how the farm operates and learn about the various methods used to cultivate crops in a sustainable manner. Attendees learned about and experienced our apiary and vineyard first hand as well. From raised beds gardening and companion gardening to natural pest control and ancient irrigation methods, the team at Infinite Zion Farms is committed to using methods that promote healthy soil and minimize environmental impact.

In addition to the farm tour, there were also educational activities for children. Kids were able to learn about composting from Charlie from O-Town Compost and see some worms up close and personal.

Hebni Nutrition Consultants taught us about eating healthy and made delicious and healthy yogurt parfaits.

Last but not least our little ones planted sunflower seeds to take home with other fun coloring sheets and activities.

The Infinite Zion Farms Earth Month Kick-Off was a huge success, bringing the community together to celebrate the planet and learn about sustainable farming practices. It's events like these that help to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the environment and inspire people to make positive changes in their own lives. A huge thanks to Panya Campbell from our sponsor, Simply Healthcare, for helping us make this event a reality.


Simply Healthcare is a health insurance company that is committed to promoting healthy living and supporting local businesses that are dedicated to making positive changes in their communities.


Check out our next upcoming event on April 22, where Infinite Zion Farms was named the official charity of Choice for Earth Day. Purchase discount tickets for Orlando City Soccer vs. DC United match and support our organization at the same time here.

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