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A Day At Infinite Zion Farms!

Updated: Jan 23

Christian is an adventurous and curious young boy. When he heard that his class would go on a field trip to a garden, he was ecstatic and looked forward to learning more about the different produce and vegetables. Christian and his classmates were amazed by the vegetables and the little creatures they saw in the garden. He didn’t hesitate to ask questions about something new or interesting. So, come along on this new adventure with Christian and his friends!

As you take this journey with Christian, you will be there with him and his friends as you color the different produce he learns about at Infinite Zion Farms.

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Mr. Prince Dorvilus is an enthusiastic leader who has dedicated over 20 + years of his life to philanthropic passions and creative writing. Prince is a published author of three children's books and the Chief Operating Officer of Infinite Zion Farms, located in historic Parramore.

As a black man growing up, the lack of representation of individuals who looked like him stood out, encouraging him to write books to provide inspiration and representation for young black youth. Prince hopes to continue telling his stories to motivate the younger generation to write their stories.

Prince received his Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication at The University of Central Florida. He believes that through writing, inspiration and change can be ignited.

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The book cover is very attractive. I want several but the price is not attractive. How might the book price be lower? Florida Agriculture in the Classroom might have ideas. I plan to order one to review on Amazon at $25 + tax = $26.63

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