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Shaping the Future of Youth

Our Commitment to Excellence

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Who We Are

Setting our Targets on a Brighter Future

Children have so much to offer to the world - we believe in the power that they hold, and know that they will mold future generations to come. At Zion Farms & Markets, Inc., we strive to expose our urban youth to experiences that will broaden their outlook on life and shape them into leaders of the future. Our archery program and farming programs focus on building leadership, personal responsibility, self-awareness, and teamwork skills, as well as many other fundamentals that our youth will carry throughout their lives.

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Our Mission

Engage. Inspire. Teach.

Our organization’s mission is to enrich the lives of youth by providing personalized guidance in the areas of leadership, team building and personal development through our comprehensive farming and archery programs, arming future leaders with the resources needed to thrive.


At Zion Farms & Market, we’re committed to building a society where every young person has access to the resources to realize their potential and achieve their goals.

We believe that providing children a nurturing environment is essential to their overall development. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, and through personalized attention and guidance we are essentially providing them with all the resources they need to thrive as leaders in years to come.

Archery Board

Archery 4 Scholars:
Our Archery Program

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Our archery program is structured to teach safety, personal responsibility, self-awareness, and the skill of shooting. We're committed to excellence and have partnered with a USA Level 4 NTS Coach and Trainer. Archery scholarships are on the rise and we want our students to excel at the craft and utilize this sport as an avenue to further their education.

Planting Boxes

Zion Farms & Market:
Our Farming Program

Our Youth Farming Program

The farming program is a way for our urban youth to get close to nature in a way they likely have not experienced before.  The program will engage them in lessons about basic agriculture education, environment protection and sustainability. Completing tasks necessary to build and maintain a small farm teaches students basic landscaping skills, the value of hard work, and a host of transferable life skills. In addition, the farm will provide a source of inexpensive fresh organic fruits and vegetables for their families, who may otherwise not have access to affordable organic produce.

Volunteer Team

Join Us

Volunteers and Donors Needed

Here’s a list of ways that we would love your show of your support:

  • Join us on the farm to help us get things ready for the kids. Sign up today >

  • In-kind donations (ex. farming equipment, supplies, landscaping supplies, archery bows and arrows)

  • Monetary Donations

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Contact Us

Interested in signing your child up for the archery or farming programs? Interested in giving your time or an in-kind donation? Contact us today!

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423 E Keene Rd, Apopka, FL 32703

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