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Our Tribute to Black Wall Street

Had to set these up last night, and finished around 2am. I know I should be resting since I spent the whole day getting stitches after slicing my finger at the garden. But I was motivated to finish this project as a way to transform the garden into a historic walkthrough.

We are bringing the history of Black Wall Street to the Historic Parramore District. These street signs signify the wealth that African-Americans achieved, but was covered up and not taught in Western Education.

The Gap Band led by Charlie Wilson was Originally named "Greenwood, Archer & Pine" to acknowledge some of the main streets in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1920. For marketing purposes the renamed it G.A.P. Band. The GAP Band also made the song "You dropped a bomb on me" which coincidentally was the first aerial terrorist attack in American History as white residents dropped dynamite from planes blowing up movie theaters, doctors offices, dry cleaners and more. As police and military stood by and watched. A lot of white residents didn't feel blacks deserved this kind of success and sustainability and turned jealous of Black Wall Street's success. Over 300 African-Americans were shot and killed during the Tulsa Oklahoma Riots. Homes were burned down in the process which cut off generational wealth building and the American Dream newly freed African-Americans were looking forward to. This was one of the most deadly terrorist attacks in American History.

And yes, I added Church and Pine Street, located here in Orlando as well. Church Street was the Black Wall Street of Downtown Orlando. I remember when black owned businesses like Three Masks, Draft Lounge, custom clothing and the ice cream shop used to be there. Church Street was the center of Black-Owned Businesses & was a Hub for Parramore artists, musicians, businesses and more. Church Street is still there but due to systemic racism since the 1920's and now gentrification, the demographic and landscape of Parramore is forever changing. The change IS NOT helping the people the original tenants of Parramore.

At South Street Urban Farm each corner of the farm is named after some of the main streets of these Historic Districts.

People would ask why on a farm/garden? One of the first acts of sustainability in establishing a foundation... is food. Even the mightiest of Royal families from the Musa, Kush, Moors, Kemetin, Greek and Asian (Tokugawa & Shogun) families had to yield to the farmers that provided food for their families.

It is my goal to make South Street Urban Farm a new Food Bank of Sustainable Produce right there in the Historic Parramore District.

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BlessUp, thanks for the education. Infinite Farms has my support and prayers.

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