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Zion Farms & Market wins contract for 800 sq.ft. garden installation in Winter Park!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

The 80,000 square-foot Center for Health & Wellbeing opened in late February, 2019 in Winter Park, FL. Upon entering the facility grounds, there are 4 large cement planter beds, with just over 800 square feet of garden space now filled with fruits, vegetables, and herbs -- all planted and maintained by Zion Farms & Market.

The garden features a variety of produce that the Chefs at the Center of Health and Wellness can utilize to prepare delicious meals, as well as feature in cooking and health and wellness presentations.

Additional Offerings at the Center of Health & Wellbeing

At the heart of the Center of Health and Wellbeing is The Commons, which includes a conference center for educational programs and private events. To the left are the cafe area, a demonstration kitchen and the kids’ corner. And to the right is Florida Hospital’s Medical Plaza, which includes primary care and specialty offices, lab, pharmacy, sports medicine, rehab and acupuncture and massage services.

The Commons leads to the Crosby Wellness Center, which features an indoor lap pool and an activity pool along with other fitness amenities. There’s a walking track on the second floor.

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