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Help Us Combat Food Insecurity

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to fund vertical aeroponic towers within our newly-built greenhouse in the heart of Parramore, a population currently underserved and living under the poverty line within a food desert. This project is a key way for us to combat food insecurity and improve access to fresh fruits and vegetables in Parramore.

This funding will allow us to purchase:

- 12 Vertical aeroponic towers

- 12 Extension kits to increase growing capacity

- 12 Grow lights

- Dehumidifier for the greenhouse

- Slim-duct A/C system

- Pavers for handicap accessibility

- Office container insulation, drywall & electrical work

- Miscellaneous items like rockwool grow cubes, aeroponic mineral blend for growing, workspace tables and chairs

Inside of our new greenhouse at South Street

The South Street Farm is .29 acres with 70% of the property dedicated to the garden, 10% houses our apiary and the remaining 20% houses our supply shed and shipping container office. Additionally, given our lack of covered spaces on our urban farm, weather has posed various challenges during our hot rainy Orlando summers. Volunteers leave early or are deterred from coming out due to inclement weather. Because of our limited space, we need to maximize the efficiency per square foot and we believe that vertical gardening within a greenhouse is an optimal solution.

During the pandemic we distributed more than 2000 pounds of food to more than 100 residents. Having this hydroponic system at South Street Farm will allow us to increase the quantity and variety of herbs and vegetables for Parramore residents and also allow us to teach kids and adults in the community about growing using hydroponics.

Your Contribution

We appreciate any and all donations, as they will also help us make a direct impact within the communities we serve. To recognize contributions, we’ll give donors the following:

$100+: Infinite Zion Farms Window Cling

$500+: Infinite Zion Farms Window Cling + 1 Bottle of IZF Honey

$1000: Infinite Zion Farms Window Cling + 1 Bottle of IZF Honey + IZF Tote Bag

Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to us and the Orlando community!

The Birth of Infinite Zion Farms

Realizing that South Apopka is a food dessert with little access to organic fruits and vegetables within a 10 mile radius, we brought produce & resources to the area through Zion Farms & Market, our non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Better yet, local residents were able to see where their produce comes from, pick and purchase on the spot. We also taught gardening, sustainability means & methods utilizing organic - chemical free nutrients.

​Now, our platform isn't a market -- it's a movement! We currently do business as Infinite Zion Farms, an alliance of African American urban farmers in Central Florida. Our mission is to provide low-income communities access to affordable organic produce and nutritional education while building economic bridges to minority farmers and minority owned-businesses within our community.

As African American Farmers, we have been successful at engaging our Parramore neighbors on the farm. We grow produce that has a market in this community, and we educate young people on farming and sustainability practices that are both appropriate for the urban farm and have been practiced for generations by black farmers.

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